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Brand Description


Taizhou Mist Fan Industry Co.,Ltd(Debenz)
Taizhou Mist Fan Industry is the leader of the high quality mist fan manufacturer in China
Taizhou Mist Fan Industry is mist fan expertise and service providers.
Debenz focus on humane care,so that each employee has a strong sense of respect and a sense of belonging,staff always nurtured a corporate culture,morality and values from
grooming are integrated into the corporate culture,the formation of Debenz special person unique cultural ideas and perspectives,thus forming Debenz special work team cohesion and sense of mission.
In terms of social responsibility,especially Debenz uphold ecological public philosophy,advocating equality and
mutual assistance,charity care for everyone,Over the years the company from top to botton to actively join the public welfare.
From domestic to international,mist fan development in the new journey,Debenz adhering to the
“tree of the world brand,do sustainable”vsion“integrity,responsibility,gratitude,dedicated core values,
"the groundbreaking for customers provide valuable services business concept,pragmatic,innovative,optimism,
responsibility,perseverance for the human contribution to social harmony and sustainable development of our
technology products,responsibility,wisdom and warmth of love.






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